Watching our weight

Calculating the weight of everything we add to and in our tiny house (TH) is important so we don’t overload our trailer. This was such a huge concern of ours when we were trying to decide if a 24, 26 or 30 foot trailer would be best for us. I am so glad we went with the 30′ so that the dogs will have room to move around and chase each other if they please. has a great resource that they put together to help figure out specific weights for items. We will be using their great list to help us figure out some of our weights in the future.

Since we custom ordered our trailer, we know what it weighs and what it can hold. This is a great reason to buy a trailer new rather than try to fix up an old one. Everything we add is being tracked on our handy little spread sheet…. Weight Calculations

When we visited the Caravan tiny house hotel in Portland, we were able to view the homes that they had on the site at the time. This was our backwards way of determining our house weight along with words of encouragement from some people we talked to about it. There was a 24′ TH that we looked at that was fully furnished and used at the hotel. The builder told us that it weighed 7,ooolbs I believe, so we divided the weight and length of the trailer to get a guess on what each foot would weigh, give or take. Then we applied that to a 30′ trailer and decided it would work. A very backwards way of doing things but anyone that knows me knows I stray far, far away from math calculations if I can help it. So heres to keeping close tabs on our weight so we don’t damage our beautiful trailer. Check out the work in progress…Weight Calculations.


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